Phosphorene FET Market – Semiconductor Industry Accelerating Growth

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Phosphorene is an allotrope of phosphorus and two dimensional in nature. It can be viewed as a single layer of phosphorus and is very similar to graphene in nature. Researchers are fabricating transistors of phosphorene to understand their performance in electronic devices. Phosphorene field effect transistors (FET) are being studied for its application in semiconductors in future. The market for phosphorene FET is expected to witness robust growth in future.

The growing demand for high performance devices has created a demand for additional layered material. Phosphorene has several characteristics which makes it preferable over graphene and is expected to replace graphene in the semiconductor industry. Phosphorene has higher carrier mobility and hence is considered to be a better conductor of electricity. This property is making phosphorene to be preferred in the semiconductor industry.

Moreover, the material is highly optical and can absorb UV light easily. This factor is expected to the drive the market for phosphorus in the optoelectronic sector. Furthermore, the recent demand for energy efficient semiconductor is aiding to need for alternatives like phosphorene.

In addition, black phosphorus has a stack layered structure with weak van der Waals (vdWs) interlayer interaction and hence considered as the most stable allotrope. This property of phosphorus made it popular in the semiconductor industry and it is expected to be used in photovoltaics, optoelectronics and electronics in future.

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The phosphorene FET market is in its initial stage and can be segmented by application and geography. By application, phosphorene FET can be used in the electronics, optoelectronics, spintronics and photovoltaics among others. The easy availability of phosphorus and the high conductivity makes is a better choice in the semiconductor industry when compared to graphene.

Furthermore, the market can be divided by geography into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa and Latin America regions. Since the phosphorene FET in under research and development stage, it is expected to witness robust growth in North America and Europe due the demand for new technology in these regions.